Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


So you want to learn more about PLR, huh? Smart cookie! The premium content found on Phoenix PLR will save you time, money and frustration! Keep reading to learn how you can use it to renew your blog and take back your time!

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What is PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. It is the go-to source that smart, successful bloggers and other internet marketers tap into to get consistent quality content for their blogs, information products, email autoresponder series, social media image and e-books. Private Label Rights is content that comes with a special license that allows you to edit, add to, subtract from and brand as your own, though you didn’t create it personally.

PLR is the best, inexpensive way to drastically cut the amount of time you spend coming up with content ideas, researching, writing and editing all of the content that is required of today’s successful online entrepreneurs.

Do I have to buy a membership to get PLR here?

While some PLR sites do have memberships available, we don’t. We personally aren’t fans of monthly bills, if they can be avoided. This site is totally a la cart. Find what you want and grab it. It’s THAT easy!

I see you often offer graphics as part of your bonus materials. How can I edit them with my branding? Is it going to be complicated?

Ummm, no! This is one of the first things I personally look at when I buy PLR. Even though I have a lot of geeky superpowers, Photoshop-ish skills isn’t one of them. So, I made sure to produce graphics and images that can easily be edited and branded in both Picmonkey and Canva. No Photoshop needed! You’re welcome.

Are there rules on how I can use PLR from Phoenix PLR?

PLR is awesome! It saves time, money and frustration! You can do most anything with it, though there are some rules you must abide by when you purchase PLR from this site.

These terms of use are here to protect the investment of all who purchase our PLR, including you! Please respect your fellow online entrepreneurs by reviewing and abiding by these terms. Violation of these terms is grounds for termination of your content license without notice or refund of any payments made.

Yes, you may...

  • Use your own name and branding
  • Monetize it with your affiliate links, per individual affiliate rules
  • Modify it by adding, enhancing, deleting or editing content
  • Use it on your blog or website
  • Use it in your newsletters, autoresponder emails and/or membership sites
  • Give it away
  • Use it to create an e-course, special report, e-book, webinar, online or offline event
  • Use it in a paid product
  • Combine it with other productsa

Nope, sorry. You can’t...

  • Use any content as part of another PLR product.
  • Sell the original resell rights or give away the content and/or rights for other webmasters, business owners or individuals to use.
  • Distribute it through free reprint directories (This is against the terms of service for most article directories).
  • List Jacqueline Myers or anyone connected with Phoenix PLR as the author of this content.

No Warranties:

We are unable to provide any warranties on the accuracy of the content provided. Although we strive to make content as accurate as possible, topics are subject to open, change over time and it is each member’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of the information.

Is there a return policy?

We are in business to serve our customers, so if you are unhappy with the PLR you buy here, you may return it within 7 days for a full refund!

How can I find out when Phoenix PLR has new content available?

That’s easy! Just fill out the box below and we will shoot you an email letting you know about new content, big sales, and special deals, just for Phoenix PLR fans (that’s you)!

PLUS, when you sign up you will get to choose one of four content bundles on the house!

Thanks for trusting us with your email and all of your content needs!