Meditation for Stress Management PLR Bundle

Premium Content that releases your fans from the grip stress has over them…naturally and for good!

According to the American Institute of Stress and the American Psychological Association, 73% of all Americans regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress and 48% of Americans say that their stress has increased in the last five years.

And yet, our modern life keeps moving faster and faster, with more obligations and responsibilities piling up every day.

More than ever, people are turning to unhealthy “solutions” like alcohol or drugs to manage stress and the anxiety and depression it causes. Stress causes family discord and divorce, multiple illnesses and diseases, suicide and unhealthy additions.

People are obviously seeking help in whatever form they can find to manage the daily stress of our fast-pasted modern world.

Your tribe is under stress attacks each day.

They need your help to manage it.

With our PLR bundle, you will solve their stress management issues. You'll be their hero!

Neuroscience has found that as little as 10 minutes of meditation a day for as few as 8 weeks:

  • reduces stress, anxiety and depression
  • stimulates feelings of well-being, happiness and equanimity
  • enhances concentration and focus
  • develops the ability to let go of worry and regrets

Introducing the Meditation for Stress Management PLR Bundle

With this mega-bundle of content, you can offer your fans the solution to help them break the hold that stress has over them, not just for a short reprieve, but for a lifetime!

Meditation for stress management

Here's what you get when you take advantage of this Exclusive Offer:

Meditation for Stress Management E-book

  • 28 pages; 7,009 words
  • 3 e-Covers—flat, spiral & thin paperback—that are easy to brand

E-book chapters include:

  • How stress works
  • How meditation manages stress
  • 5 common myths about meditation
  • Then, what is meditation?
  • ​Popular types of meditation
  • How does meditation help?
  • Commonly asked questions by new meditators answered
  • Getting started

3 Minute Meditations for Daily Stress Relief Bonus Report

  • 6 pages; 2,293 words
  • 3 e-Covers—flat, spiral & thin--ready for you to brand and use immediately
  • Contains a short introduction and then 10 mindful mini-meditations that fit seamlessly into even the busiest schedule
  • Can effortlessly be sectioned off into 10 emails for either a paid or free e-Course

10 articles totally 5,282 words (Article topics include:)

  • Mental Benefits of Mediation (535 words)
  • But I Don’t Have Time to Meditate (528 words)
  • The 5 Things you Need to Know to Start Meditating (506 words)
  • Types of Meditation: An Introduction (561 words)
  • 5 Common Myths about Meditation (542 words)
  • How Meditation Improves your Physical Health (505 words)
  • 6 Easy Steps for Beginning Mediation (550 words)
  • How Stress Affects the Body (517 words)
  • How to Prepare for Mediation (510 words)
  • 6 Things you Didn’t Know about Stress (528 words)

10 social media/blog graphics

  • 10 images--ready for you to brand
  • Images are easily edited in any photo editing program, including Canva or Picmonkey
Meditation for Stress Management PLR

This PLR encompasses countless niches

  • Health & wellness niche
  • Self-help niche
  • Stress reduction niche
  • Meditation & alternative healing niche
  • Parenting niche.
  • ...the list is endless!

Why? Because everyone is plagued by stress!

You can trust this content to provide your fans with quality, practical information! It was written by the owner of Phoenix PLR, herself a long-time meditator and professional writer!

What can YOU do with the time you free up in your harried schedule by using this premium PLR?

Meditation for Stress Management PLR Bundle Sale
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