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The average American household currently has approximately $16,061 in credit card debt and an overall debt of $132,529. And average debt has grown 11% in the last decade. No matter why we are in debt, it’s clear that we need help to get it under control. There are many ways to do this, but some are much better than others.

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The topics in this PLR article bundle include:

  • How to Evaluate a Debt Relief Company
  • Is Debt Relief Better Than Bankruptcy?
  • Little-Known Places to Save Cash to Pay off Debt
  • Tax Debt Relief 101
  • Techniques to Try before Seeking Professional Help
  • The “Do It Yourself” Debt Snowball Method
  • The Three Most Important Actions to Reduce Debt
  • The True Cost of Credit Consulting – Is It Worth It?
  • Three Signs That It Might Be Time to Consider Debt Relief
  • What Is Debt Consolidation?

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Options for Lowering Debt PLR Articles
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